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More photos!!! These sent in by ANDY GOE

A live shot of Share and Jan: Share (92.2 KB)

A nice live shot of Janet: Janet (120KB)

I've gotten some great new shots of the "classic" Vixen from Dave!! Check out his band, at: KISS'D

Jan onstage playin' her guitar Jan 2.jpg- 62K

Another great shot of Jan onstage Jan 3.jpg-76K

Janet onstage playing guitarJanet with her guitar- 40.8K

Jan at an in-store Jan 4.jpg- 71K

Jan onstage again Jan 5.jpg- 91K

Jan onstage wearing the necklace Dave gave her!!!Jan 6.jpg-90K

A great posed shot of Janet Gardner and Jan!!! Janet and Jan- 104K

Really nice pic of Janet and Share at an in-store!! Janet and Share-108K

And a nice posed group shot!!! The Old Vixen- 97K

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